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June 1, 2009
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Jenna Revivial Concept by fox-orian Jenna Revivial Concept by fox-orian
For some of my oldest watchers, you may remember a character I used to draw by the name of Jenna. After a while, I developed Maia, and Jenna disappeared from my gallery some time in mid 2004.

Well, after all these years of Jenna being dead in the back of my mind, I realized she'd be perfect to resurrect for a role in SYNTHESIS. If you know and remember the old Jenna from my earliest years here at DA, you win 3000 spacebucks.

So, I took the time to develop a new concept of Jenna. New personality, new look. Though, her fundamentals are still there. Jacket, long black hair, green eyes. It goes without saying, Jenna is a non-synthetic Aricee inhabitant. Jenna is kind of aloof in personality now. She stays kind of remote, but takes great interest in certain situations around her. Maia becomes one of her interests, because she senses that SOMETHING is different about her. Jenna is neither a protagonist or antagonist.

This is a part of a new style I'm playing with. I'm using some selective exaggeration such as the flatter feet, thinner neck, ankles and wrists. I'm drawing the rest of the cast this way because I'm curious to see how it will work out. I'm not very happy with my *typical* style in submissions past, so I'm doing some small experiments such as what you see here.

Others in this series:
Maia: [link]

[also I'd like to say thanks to everyone who consistently comments on my work :D it's awesome that you guys support me. I have to add a section on my main page for the icons of users who take the time to consistently stop by.]
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Protey17 Feb 13, 2014  Student Interface Designer
She looks like a bike messenger!
mad-hat-ink Jan 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Fantastic use of color with the greyscale, love the stylized anatomy. Awesome!
aNiKeN01 May 20, 2012
nice casual outfit
KennyGordon Feb 5, 2011   General Artist
Excellent pose and overall figure. I like your style.
AlexanderLee1 Dec 10, 2010  Student Artist
Great style!
THAT'S MEGA-NICE. It's a good thing you brought her back from the dead.
AngelusNoir Jul 4, 2010   General Artist
really love your graphic's modern...but the flat washy bg & the way you've applied the tones suggest a retro illustration style...really nice!...and I like your more evolved style here!!:)
Wagnr Jun 18, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Wonderful lines and concept.
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